As we enter the last week in June, 23 states have reported a rise in COVID-19 cases, according to 9NEWS, with a handful of states seeing record increases. How is Colorado doing, as the state plans to transition into its next phase of Safer at Home?

9NEWS spoke with 9Health Expert Dr. Payal Kohli about how Colorado compares in its COVID-19 cases. Dr. Kohli shared that the 14-day moving average in Colorado is actually continuing to go down (as of June 22). She explains that the number of cases is still going up, but 'the rate at which they're going up is starting to slow down,' something she said was 'very encouraging.'

Dr. Kohli reported that the protests over the death of George Floyd that began around Memorial Day did not lead to a spike in cases.

'Here in Colorado,' she said, 'we've really proven that despite us having increased our testing, our number of new cases [is] going down.'

The World Health Organization says that if a state is able to stay below five percent 'positivity rate' for at least two weeks, 'that suggests that the disease activity is well controlled,' Dr. Kholi explained.

Colorado has been below the five percent line for over two weeks. 

'Good news here as well,' she said, but warned that 'things could very quickly get out of hand,' as we have seen in neighboring states like Arizona. As we approach 4th of July weekend, Governor Polis is pleading with Coloradans to not have large gatherings, asking that celebrations be limited to 'immediate family or with one other family group.'

You can watch the full report from 9NEWS below.


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