Just because they're a whole bunch of dudes who don't like to shave, with no teeth, running into each other and even fighting, it doesn't mean hockey players don't have big hearts. And although I am not the biggest hockey fan in the world, I have found myself a new favorite player. Not because of what he has done for the Colorado Avalanche, but what he did off the ice. 

In just 47 games last season, Matt Duchene picked up 17 goals and 43 points, leading the team and looking like a superstar. That is great news for Avalanche fans who have seen the team struggle over the past few years, but even better for Avalanche fans is knowing that we have one of the best "guys" in hockey on the team too.

The story goes like this...

Trista Greer had been having a tough time at school with bullies. Even after pep talks from her parents and learning strategies on how to deal with the bullies, the 11-year-old still had her spirit crushed when she was at school.

Trista’s father, Wayde, decided to do something to lift his daughter’s spirits. He found out about an auction near their hometown that would feature some NHL players, and they would be auctioning off a game jersey worn by the Boston Bruins, Zdeno Chara, Trista’s favorite hockey player.

Dad solicited $500 from his friends for a “‘cool daddy’ fund,” which he would use to bid on the jersey. But the bids started creeping over that amount and he realized he wouldn’t be able to get the jersey...

Enter: Matt Duchene. The Avalanche forward was one of the NHL hosts of the event and was sitting across from Greer. “Get it for her,” Duchene said. “I’ve got you covered.” Every time the price went up, Greer glanced at Duchene who nodded his head to keep bidding. Once the price rose to $1,600, Duchene held up two fingers toward Greer. Greer grabbed the microphone and yelled “Two thousand!” and the jersey was his. He gave the Chara jersey to Trista for her birthday along with a note saying “happy birthday” from Duchene.

Obviously Wayde and Trista and I all have a new favorite player and rightfully so. That's a story that's going to win over more than three new fans.

Oh and P.S... Stop bullying!