They've been open since the mid-70s in Downtown Loveland, now it's time to find homes for the last of his inventory, including tarantulas and puppies.

Once they close, there won't be one shop in Loveland that sells puppies and kittens. The Reporter-Herald has the story on how Town and Country is calling it quits after 45 years.

It's been the last couple of years that have seen protesters outside the business, accusing the store of selling puppies that come from puppy mills.

According to the Reporter-Herald, Town and Country's owner calls those accusations 'preposterous,' and provided a document stating the safeguards the shop goes through to make sure their puppies and kittens have been raised responsibly before coming to the store.

But the folks at groups like Harley's Dream, which is based out of Berthoud, do not believe that ANY pet shop sells puppies and kittens that have been raised responsibly. So don't expect to see them shedding any tears over the closure.

Town and Country plans to close in February, if not sooner.

Get more on the store and the retirement sale from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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