If you are a fan of 80s music and a fan of local craft beer, you need to stop in for at least a taster of Rock Bottom Brewery’s latest!

Rock Bottom Night
Dave Jensen, TSM

I am really a big fan of Rock Bottom In Loveland, so please don't think this is sponsored advertising. I'm always eager to hear what their head brewer Mitch will be naming his latest beers- that one referencing Arrested Development was classic!

Just the other day, Mitch was tapping his latest creation. It's an English-style barleywine. Barleywines are not my thing, but I had to know what he named it.

'Gabriel's Sledgehammer', he said. He said that where he used to work, they did a barleywine and they called it 'The Hammer', and wanted to play off of that. Then, he thought of Peter Gabriel's song 'Sledgehammer'- adding that 'Gabriel' gives it an almost angelic feel for the beer- which is a known as a 'Christmas' beer.

Whatever the reason, I LOVE the name. Barleywines are strong beers- 'Gabriel's Sledgehammer' comes in at about 10% ABV, so the name certainly fits! Get in there and see how you like it!

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