Well, so much for a Taco Tuesday to beat all Taco Tuesdays. On the bright side, though, it's going to be one ROCKIN' Friday night in Denver!

They're not saying EXACTLY what the deal is, only that 'due to a scheduling conflict', Bon Jovi's Pepsi Center concert is now moved from March 14 to APRIL 14.

Which, really, makes it a better time! Instead of being on a Tuesday, it's on FRIDAY, BABY! Whhoooooot!

Tickets are on sale now, starting at only $19.75 up to $157.25. That's not bad for such an iconic band!

Also, with this latest tour, folks who buy any ticket to one of the shows, will also get a free copy of the latest Bon Jovi album, ‘This House Is Not For Sale’; so, that makes going to the concert even MORE worth it!

Let’s do this! Ticket information is available through the Pepsi Center HERE!

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