In the first weekend of May, Loveland will welcome back Old Chicago, which hasn't been serving any customers for several weeks.

I was forwarded an Old Chicago newsletter from a friend saying that 'they' would be back open on Thursday, April 30, for takeout and delivery.

The newsletter wasn't specific as to which locations would be open (though my friend is a member of the Loveland location, so that seemed like a good place to start), so I called my local Old C's.

The Fort Collins location on Timberline told me that they'd already opened for takeout and delivery on Friday, April 24.

I spoke with the Loveland location, and they said that they will be open for takeout and delivery, but not until noon on Friday, May 1. 

There was no answer at the Greeley location, and neither of the other two locations had any details about what Greeley's timeline might be.

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