Downtown Loveland has hosted the Fire & Ice Festival around Valentines Day for four years. Next year, the event will be moving out of Downtown.

It looks like they are moving the Fire & Ice Festival in Loveland from Downtown out to The Ranch, starting next year. 'They' are the folks that own the festival- Loveland has helped to fund the event each year from the lodging tax fund, however.

Their reasons for moving to The Ranch do make a lot of sense. Items include safety, better firework capabilities, more room so a tent can be put up to protect the ice sculptures from the elements, and indoor bathrooms.

On the bright side, the Fire & Ice Festival will take place earlier (around Groundhog's Day) and Downtown Loveland WILL still be holding an event around Valentine's Day (when Fire & Ice has usually happened), so it won't be like folks can't attend both events!

Get the full story from the Reporter-Herald HERE!

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