If you're looking for an excuse to drink beer during the week and not feel guilty about it, this is it.

Rock Bottom Brewery is releasing a new beer for Veterans Honoring Veterans (VHV), a non-profit that honors U.S. military veterans by presenting them with a commemorative statue of their branch of service, at their Loveland location.

The tapping party for the beer, which is called the VHV Taste of Freedom, is from 5-7 p.m. on March 5th.

A percentage of sales from the beer will go towards VHV for the entire month.

VHV will use the proceeds to create more commemorative statues. This is a great need, as around 300 veterans are currently on the waiting list to receive one.

"There's been a few tears that have fell out of their [veterans] eyes when they get them [the statues]," said Bart Bartholomew, President of VHV and a Vietnam veteran. "Lots of veterans didn't get a lot of recognition when they got out of the service...to get something so small just to say thank you...it means a lot to them."

VHV presents up to 10 veterans with the statues each month at the Golden Corral in Loveland, with the help of Proud American Military Veterans (PAMVET), a group of veterans that meets up every Saturday morning for support.

While there are currently a limited number of statues, Bartholomew hopes to get them to as many veterans as he can.

"We've had everybody from...the lowest rank [to] one of the highest ranks," he said. "It doesn't matter what rank you are...everybody that walks in that door is a veteran and that's all that counts. You all are special to us."

To learn more about Veterans Honoring Veterans, listen to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Bart Bartholomew below.

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