The clients of Meals on Wheels are feeling especially isolated these days. A kind word would go a long way and you don't even have to buy a stamp.

A kind word is exactly what Meals on Wheels is looking for. The senior-support nonprofit is asking for the public's help in providing comfort and support to their beneficiaries by sending in notes of encouragement and connection. You can do so via email, and they'll get them to their clients.

You could send a joke. Maybe a collection of 'Dad' jokes that our boss seems to like a lot.

Or maybe talk about yourself: Describe all the funny things that have happened to you since this pandemic thing began, or a great story from your past.

None of Meals on Wheels' clients will see your email address and you won't receive a reply. There's no obligation to keep corresponding, either. This is just a quick and easy way to let senior citizens know that they're not alone.

Set aside a few minutes to type out a little note to help a lot.

You can email your message to

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