The other day in Loveland, a woman ran her car into her garage door by mistake.That mistake, lead to her neighbor’s little boy having a great experience!

Maria Tama, Getty Images

The Loveland Police Department and Fire Department were called out the other morning to a house where the owner had ran her car into the garage door. Nobody was hurt in the accident. While they were all waiting for a temporary wall to be built in place of the garage door, they noticed that the woman’s neighbor’s little boy, about three-years-old, had come outside to watch.

Wearing his firefighter costume. This must have been precious!

So, the police officer came over to the boy with a police sticker. Then the firefighters came over with a book and some stickers. They turned on the lights of the fire truck and made the horn sound!

The story goes that ‘…it made his day and we was so very happy!’

Nice job, guys!