His premises is that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Anthony Howard-Crow of Loveland, says he lost 32 pounds by eating (almost entirely) ice cream for 100 days.

He calls it 'stunt dieting'- like when Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald's food for his documentary 'Supersize Me.'  However, Anthony Howard-Crow, from Loveland calls that movie - 'crap.;  Anthony did his own 'Fast Food Diet' about 6 years ago, and though, due to work, he couldn't complete it, it was working.

Men's Health picked up the story of Anthony's latest diet- Ice cream. He had ice cream as dessert at every meal- only taking in 500 calories of protein supplements each day while having 2,000 calories of ice cream, each day. He did also have a beer, here and there, along the 100 days of the diet.

In the Men's Health article, they mention how Anthony's cholesterol levels even got better having so much ice cream.

After the 100 days had ended, he'd lost 32 pounds, though his mood and energy suffered for it. Much like Spurlock in 'Supersize Me.'

Get the entire article from Men's Health - HERE.

And check out Anthony's latest stunt-- eating a box of Lucky Charms every day until he wins a box of 'marshmallows only' boxes, or the contest that they're having, ends!

The guy is a nut!


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