Students are not pleased with how the Thompson School District has handled the fallout from a chaotic, ultimately canceled day of school last week at Loveland High School.

Around 8 AM on March 29, an anonymous tip was given to Safe2Tell that there was threat of a shooting at Loveland High School. Loveland Police had investigated the threat and deemed it non-credible. Staff was then informed of the threat, a handful of whom took it upon themselves to inform some arriving students of the threat and recommended they leave the school, ultimately leaving themselves as well.

This resulted in chaos as word began to spread, in spite of no official cancelation or communication of the threat - eventually leading to the dismissal of school for the day and prompting a statement from the Thompson School District:


This is an important message from Thompson SchoolDistrict.

This morning, a tip was filed with the State of Colorado's Safe2Tell service which suggested that there was a safety threat at the LHS campus. The tip was immediately provided to the district's safety and security team as well as local law enforcement.

Loveland Police Department officials have fully investigated the tip and have determined that there is no credible threat - All students, staff and visitors are safe.

Due to the disruption in the schedule as a result of the incident, classes at Loveland High School have been cancelled for the remainder of the day and students have been released.

The safety and security of all students, staff and visitors is the number-one priority of our district team.

We will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to remain vigilant and to take all reasonable steps and precautions to help keep everyone safe.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you as always for your continued support and partnership.

As the timeline and response of the school to the events of that morning came into question in the days that followed, students and parents alike voiced frustration over the lack of clear communication about the incident as it was occurring. Students, especially, were rightfully upset that if there was an actual emergency, there were no clear instructions given to them about what was happening or what they needed to do.

As a result, Principal Michael James was ultimately placed on administrative leave by the school district on Friday. Additionally, many have criticized the 14 teachers who decided to leave school when learning of the threat.

But in somewhat of a surprise, students on Monday staged a walkout in support of their principal, and the teachers' efforts to warn kids before leaving for doing everything they could to protect them.

Their walkout cited issues with the school district protocols, specifically, and how they choose to communicate situations like this both with parents and students - NOT with their school, its principal or their teachers.

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