Like the old song goes, "The Beat Goes On," just not at this address in Loveland. The store, which has had a couple of owners, sees a better future, elsewhere, in Colorado.

Loveland's only record store has had an (overall) good run in Downtown, but Downtown Loveland is just not the right fit any longer. With them leaving, perhaps another brave music lover will open a new vinyl shop.

TSM/Dave Jensen

I always liked that Capitol Records tower inside the window of Downtown Sound. It's been a great little record/music store on the east end of Fourth Street since 2012. They had just what a place like that should: Records, CDs, 45s, sound equipment, instruments.

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Downtown Sound will join a long list of "businesses that used to be on Fourth Street," when they finally close up and take the "music" out of Loveland, completely.

TSM/Dave Jensen
TSM/Dave Jensen

The current owners took ownership of Downtown Sound in the spring of 2023, but things have been tough; towards the end of July of 2023, they posted an appeal:

To be blunt, we’re in a pickle. Our rent is due in a week and the record store has been really slow all summer (last summer we did just fine). We’ve been working hard to curate our stock and have more stuff (and better stuff!) than we did last year, but it’s been a real struggle to get people in. If you need any hi-fi gear, tapes, CDs, guitar strings or, you know, RECORDS, come on by! Or you can just give us money, that’s fine too.

That had to be very hard, reaching out for help like that. In the end, it may have helped a little, but now the time has come to let go of Downtown Loveland.

Downtown Loveland definitely has its good points, but most Lovelanders can attest, that once you go east of Lincoln on Fourth Street, things just slow down, so it doesn't come as a huge surprise that Downtown Sound is moving.

There are a few success stories on East Fourth Street- Loveland Steam Laundry, Rosie's Barbershop/Speakeasy, Sweet B's Cupcakes, and East End/Side Pockets; but you could say it's "quiet" east of Lincoln.



Downtown Sound announced that as of 2024, they will begin operating in Downtown Greeley, on 10th Street just east of 9th Avenue. They'll have a new name as well.

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