Paul McCartney will be finishing off his latest 'Got Back' tour on June 16 in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and we couldn't be more excited for one our listeners to be there.

RETRO 102.5 was recently one of about 24 radio stations across the country that were collectively holding the 'Live and Let Fly' contest. The Grand Prize that includes airfare, hotel stay and $500 cash. Of all the stations, RETRO 102.5 was the leader in the number of local listeners entering the contest, and the number of overall entries.

The 'overall entries' would be those code words that we were giving out on-air during the contest's run; we aired four every weekday. Linda King was one of about 200 people from the Fort Collins area who participated, and her total code word entries were some of the nearly 1,700 that people entered with the RETRO 102.5 app.

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Linda has been a fan of 102.5 for a long time, going back to when we were called 'TRI-102.5.'  She has stuck with us through many changes and won some great prizes along the way. This is definitely the biggest prize that she's won, and (If I'm not mistaken) the biggest prize that 102.5 FM has been a part of giving away to a local listener.

Linda King

Listen to the phone call that Linda received from Chris Kelly:

Radio is about providing local listeners information and entertainment. Getting to send Linda King of Greeley to see the one and only Paul McCartney feels great, to us. We have many other great contests coming, be listening for Your chance to win!

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