Elevated levels of lead were found in drinking water in a Northern Colorado city.

The Town of Berthoud says lead was found in 5 out of 40 samples analyzed for lead and copper, reports Denver7. Some of those levels were above the maximum allowed.

Lead can cause serious health issues, including brain and kidney damage and interference with red blood cells carrying oxygen throughout the body. Pregnant women and children are especially susceptible.

Berthoud officials suggest running your water to flush out lead through the cold water tap, use cold water for drinking, do not boil water to remove lead, remove and clean the faucet's strainer/aerator periodically, consider investing in a home water treatment device or alternative water source, identify and replace plumbing fixtures containing lead, have a licensed electrician check your home or business's wiring, and consult with a medical professional for advice about whether to have your child's blood tested for lead.

The Town of Berthoud also tells Denver7 they're currently developing a corrosion control treatment program to be implemented in the near future.