The calendar says it's spring, but we all know Colorado winters will decide on their own when they are done — and we've probably got at least one more round of cold and snow.

That means now's the perfect time to schedule some preventive plumbing and septic maintenance to ensure your home is running smoothly. Here are some tips and discounts from our friends at Lion Home Service:

1) For a limited time, get $50 off any plumbing service, including plumbing maintenance, to prevent frozen or burst pipes as temperatures continue to rise and fall. If you need a refresher, here are Lion Home Service's suggestions for preventing frozen pipes.

2) Also for a limited time, get $25 off septic pumping. If you haven't had your system pumped in a while, the septic tank can freeze, especially in the face of compacting soil or snow. Signs of a potentially frozen tank include standing water in your yard, toilets flushing slowly, and drains emptying slowly, according to the experts at Lion Home Service. Never fear, if you think your tank may be frozen, they can help you with that, too!

Lion Home Service has been serving the Fort Collins area for over 20 years, earning a reputation for guaranteed customer satisfaction by caring for your home as if it were theirs. They are available as your total home solution, with a team of experts specializing in septic, heating, cooling, roofing, electrical, and more!

Call 970-361-6691 to schedule your next appointment or visit their website at

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