"With every drop of rain a flower grows". For residents of Larimer County who have been under an open fire and fireworks ban since July 3rd, every drop of rain has led the Larimer County commissioners to lift that ban. However, the same officials urge residents to continue to use caution with these combustibles and make certain they are extinguished before leaving them unattended.

The amount of rain we have received this month and the amount of rain forecasted for the next few weeks were the reasons for the ban lift. According to the Reporter-Herald, Loveland has received 1.47 inches of rain this month which is a tick above the average.

Just this past Friday, the Rocky Mountain National Park also lifted its fire ban, but kept restrictions on open fires in the park. Camp stoves and gas grills are allowed and campfires are only allowed in designated areas. Fireworks in the park are prohibited.

As we all know, a couple of dry days with high winds could change all of this in a hurry. But, the forecast looks wet and promising for those that love the open flame.

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