Using the landfill in Larimer County is going to cost a little more in 2021.  Interim director of Larimer County solid waste Lou Perez told the Coloradoan, even after the increase Larimer County's rates are still lower than many others in the area.

  • Residential haulers will be charged a flat fee of $10 (up 50 cents from last year)
  •  Pickup trucks will be charged $20 (up $1 from last year)
  • Commercial haulers will see an increase go from $8.20 per cubic yard to $9.65 per cubic yard.

The rate increase to due to the increasing amount of future projects including the new landfill scheduled to be opening just North of Wellington after the current one closes in 2024. Construction on the new landfill site is scheduled to begin in late 2021 early 2022.

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