Larimer County Public Health is modifying the order that requires face coverings in businesses, giving them another option.

In a press release on May 19, Larimer County said, 'Businesses will have to continue to require face coverings for customers and employees, or businesses can decide to complete the additional social distancing checklist and put stricter requirements in place.'

However, the county says, if businesses can't 'meet all of those requirements,' then masks will still need to be worn. Businesses can see a full checklist here, but it includes measures like Plexiglas shielding, extra sensitization and floor markings.

'The option to implement alternative prevention measures is meant as an additional way to provide for the safety of businesses, employees, and customers,' Larimer County Public Health said.

Personal services will not be given this option, because social distancing cannot be maintained.

On May 1, an emergency order went into effect by he City of Fort Collins, which required masks when in any businesses within city limits.

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