A large fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon at the long-time coffee roaster and cafe north of Downtown Denver, and unfortunately, the building seems to have been gutted.

Boyer's Coffee, located at 7295 Washington near I-25 and I-270, has been a name in Denver since 1965. They're a fan-favorite cafe with a lot of history behind it, as the building used to be a schoolhouse in 1927. Back in the late '80s during my first radio job for TRI 102.5, we even gave away some of their coffee as a prize.

The company is now owned by two brothers, who bought out the original owners in 2015, and the business has recently begun expanding into Walmart stores.

But in a sad day for fans of coffee and Denver history, flames quickly scoured the aged structure, in spite of the several fire engines on the scene attempting to extinguish the flames coming from the main building and cafe.

It looks like the location may have a long road to recovery, should the owners choose to rebuild.

Source: [9News]

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