It does sound like part of the plot to 'Back to the Future,' but the F.B.I. is involved in this search for a car-jacked F-150.

The threat to the general population sounds seems very, very low as The Denver Post is reporting on how Lakewood Police along with the F.B.I. is looking for a stolen F-150 which had a tool containing radioactive material inside.

It's a nuclear density gauge. Nuclear. That does sound ominous, but it's used a lot in construction and other industries to determine, you know, the density of stuff.

Only if the person who stole the truck were crazy enough to take the gauge apart and carry the radioactive material in his/her pocket for a while, they'd be in seriously bad health. But, you never know how 'sane' a person is, who car-jacks a truck.

The white F-150's Colorado license plate is 467-BQH.

Get more on the stolen nuclear device from The Denver Post HERE.

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