Getting back to 'normal' after the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a roller-coaster (no pun intended) of ups and downs. One down being, Elitch's has a problem.

They must have been working to find a solution to their problem because it seems (to me, anyway) that the announcement that there will be no fireworks show at Elitch Gardens on the 4th of July comes fairly late.

Many businesses, cities, and towns have seen trouble getting shifts staffed coming out of the pandemic. I know that Loveland has been hustling to cover shifts, implementing 'rolling closures' of facilities, including the swim beach due to a lack of lifeguards.

Sure, the park will be open as usual with rides and such, but they apparently just can't get the staffing to cover the fireworks. Is it a security team they need (to make sure folks are safe?)

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It just seems that if they must have a plan in place, it's not like the 4th just suddenly pooped onto the calendar, but then something they had counted on, fell through. You have to think that the fireworks production company is disappointed as well.

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Some responders to their Facebook post side with Elitch's, with them not having the funds to have fireworks, though that was not the reason given.

Give Elitches a break, you already know they lost a bunch of money from not being open for a year, them fireworks cost a lot of 💰

Others, feel that the park doesn't pay people enough:

They would rather close than pay people a livable wage

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