As a homeowner in Fort Collins, it seems every time there is a big hailstorm all these different people come knocking on my door to see if I have roof damage.

Who are these companies?

Luckily in Northern Colorado, we have Lion Home Service. They are locally owned and well established in our community.

You have seen their yellow and black trucks driving around. Another nice perk of working with Lion Home Service is their Lion Guarantee; it's a 100 percent customer satisfaction service commitment.

Here are a list of the many perks of using Lion Home Service for roofing services:

  • Storm Protection: provide your home & family maximum safety when mother nature flexes her muscles. Benefit from a roof that refuses to leak and retains its shingles even in the strongest of winds.
  • Modern Technology: A roof engineered with the most cutting edge products and materials available on the market today
  • Fewest Repairs: Take pleasure in having a roof that wont need constant attention and wont bleed your budget dry.
  • Value: The true value of your roof includes professional service, a top notch warranty, energy savings, and reliability. All from a local company you can trust.
  • Financing: Options are available to deliver the roof you want for your home at a low monthly investment that fits your budget. We also work with all insurance companies.
  • Long Life: Give yourself peace of mind knowing your roof will provide long lasting protection for you and your family.
  • Energy Savings: A well constructed roof with proper ventilation can provide you with energy savings for many years.
  • Written Guarantees: With our expert craftsmanship and very best warranties, you can enjoy a trouble free roof for years.
  • Peace Of Mind: Know that you have a strong, sturdy roof that doesn't concern you every time a strong storm rolls through your area.
  • Appearance: Enjoy an attractive roof that compliments the exterior of your home and demonstrates your sense of style.

Ready for a free estimate? Call (970) 829-8222 today or visit them online at