We all wanted to see Josh Allen get his shot at playing in the Super Bowl next weekend, that didn't quite work out for the former Poke's gunslinger. BUT, since he's an awesome person, he's helping an Army Veteran get the opportunity to see the Big Game in Los Angelos.

Josh revealed it on his personal Twitter account that he had teamed up with USAA to send a former Staff Sargent in the  Army, Cory Geisler, to see the Big Game.

The best part is seeing how excited and proud the Bills Mafia and fans were to read the news on Twitter. We'll see that not all Twitter users are awful.

@JoshAllenQB as a fellow armed forces vet retiring after 24 years this December it is awesome what you do. It was a honor to watch you play at my home state college and meet you at the Wyoming vs Iowa game. Go pokes. Go bills.
Oh man, a person from Wyoming weighed in, right off the bat!
NFL in trouble next year. My boy is going off 2022. Great cause thank you for honoring this man
Tons of love
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You are such an inspiration. Thank you for your service @JoshAllenQB

to all military members and helping bring joy to them when sometimes it might be really rough for them
It's awesome to see people around the country see what we see in Josh Allen. It's also amazing that he did something like this. He didn't have to. That really says something about his character.

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