The latest snowstorm gave me a realization that my ice scraper - snow brush is probably the most terrible one that I have ever owned.

Living in Colorado, this is a necessity in your vehicle. Clearing off my truck today was a task that took more work than it should have. The bristles of the brush are splayed out and soft. Instead of brushing the snow away, it was more absorbing the snow into the bristles. In turn, I had to clear out the brush every could of swipes. The scraper is chipped, making more work to scrape the thin layer of ice off of the windshield.

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If you have a poor quality ice scraper - snow brush combo, you feel my pain. Off to Amazon I went in search of something better for the next snowstorm. This is what I have narrowed my purchase down to.

Five Highly Rated Ice Scrapers From Amazon

Here are five highly rated ice scrapers from Amazon every Coloradan should have in their vehicles.

I know two things are for certain, the snow will keep falling in Colorado before the temperatures start to warm up and I need a new snow brush. Which of these five would you go with?

Source: Amazon

5 Things You Should Do If You Hate Driving In The Snow

There are many reasons to hate driving in the snow.

Snow creates a high potential for dangerous road conditions, produces less-than-decent drivers (who probably aren't decent drivers, to begin with - but that's a conversation for another time), often adds travel time to your trip - the list goes on.

Maybe you don't mind driving in the snow, maybe it doesn't even phase you when it snows (can't relate) - BUT if you need to be out and about on a snow day and you hate driving in the snow, here are five things you could try - or should try - do to, essentially cope with the fact that you can't stop mother nature from bringing snow to Colorado.

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Northern Colorado's Biggest Food Cravings

For us living in Northern Colorado, we are extremely fortunate to have so many great food options that are sure to satisfy any and every food palate.

While we do have a wide variety of restaurants and foods to choose from, sometimes, you can't help but get a craving for something specific.

Mouth-watering, sweet (& savory), delectable, incredible - all words you can use to describe NoCo's food scene, from the restaurants themselves to actual dishes.

We asked, you delivered - we've compiled a list of just some of NoCo's biggest food cravings. What's yours?


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