I have an 80 pound Labrador Retriever who can chew apart a soccer ball in 2 days, but she loves to fetch them and I wanted her to be able to have a ball that was tough enough for her to chew. I have bought and returned many in the last few months that didn't last more than an hour.

I had never heard of the Jolly Ball, until I was at Costco and this big red toy caught my eye. It gave very little description, just showed a picture of a large dog playing with it and 2 horses tugging on it (see video below). Horses and large dogs, I'm in, sounds tough enough. It is the BEST! It has no funky rubber smell or feel and it's just super tough and simple. It has give, so she can chew it, but it can be rolled, kicked, bounced and tugged. Perfect!!!!!!! And only $12.87 at Costco, versus $22.93 online.

Here's a horse playing with a Jolly Ball