We are a family of 5, on a budget. I had never been to a Costco, until one opened here in Northern Colorado. I wasn't sure if the membership would be worth it, for the things that we need and buy regularly. I will tell you right now, my membership has paid for itself just by buying string cheese, yes, string cheese. I have made it my mission to only get the things that save us a lot of money in the long-run and stay away from impulse, fun purchases (the whole middle section of Costco). We try to eat healthy. I cook and try to go organic when I can. One of the things I love about Costco is that they carry many locally made items. Here is my list of must-have Costco items, that are great of great quality and cost much less when purchased from Costco.

  • Precious 48 count string cheese $7.99 ($5.19 for 12 at other stores).
  • Rice's honey in 40 ounce bottle $9.59 (same bottle $15.50 on Rice's website).
  • New Mexico Pinon Coffee 2 pound bag for $8.79 (same bag is $21 on Amazon and company website). This coffee is so good. Best coffee I've ever had.
  • Kirkland Organic Maple Syrup 33 ounces for $12.99
  • Rodelle cocoa 1.54 pounds for $6.99 (Rodelle is a gourmet baking company in Fort Collins).
  • Kirkland Pure Vanilla Extract 16 ounce bottle for $6.99 (this is made in Colorado and is great quality)
  • Dr. Bronners peppermint liquid soap $9.99 for 40 ounce bottle (at other stores it's $12.99 or more for a 32 ounce bottle)
  • 2 pack of Heinz Organic Ketchup in 44 ounce bottles for $6.99
  • Organic Better Than Bouillon 16 ounce jar for $5.79
  • Prego 2 pound block of Mozzarella cheese for $4.49. This is amazing cheese for homemade pizzas.
  • Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil 70 ounce container for $23.49 (company website offers a 54 ounce for $37.99)
  • Garofalo Organic Pasta $9.99 for 8 packages. This pasta has more flavor and depth than any packaged pasta I've tried. They also have a whole wheat option.
  • Hot rotisserie chickens for $4.99 without tons of additives and junk.
  • Bagged kale salad kit for $4.79 (makes kale edible and easy)
  • Butter, whether organic, grass-fed or plain, it's a great deal.

Please share your favorite Costco must-haves with me in the comment section below. I love a great deal!!!