What happens when you turn off your Wi-Fi, head out into the Wyoming wild where there is no cell signal? Sometimes you get to experience an iconic Wyoming moment like this where cowboys are driving horses across a river.

I will confess that I was specifically searching for a mellow moment to start the week. This video share isn't new. As a matter of fact, it was dropped several years ago by a guy who did what I said. He went out into the Wyoming wilderness where there is no Wi-Fi, no cell phone signal and no modern world noise.

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From what I can tell from the guy's video description, he deals with financial business in his regular life. This was that time when he decided to rough it and find out what Wyoming without tech could offer. He wasn't sorry he did. This is the part of what made him glad he escaped the city.

If you think this looks like something you'd like to do, Trips To Discover shared 11 different Wyoming dude ranches that offer this experience. If this reminds you of a certain Billy Crystal movie, that's no accident. There are worse ways to spend your summer if you're a "city slicker" than witnessing the rare outdoor experiences that Wyoming offers.

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