Between rescuing and rehabilitating animals to helping humans heal from emotional trauma, the Journey with Equus Sanctuary in Elizabeth, Colorado serves as a very important place for many reasons. 

However, the non-profit sanctuary is at risk of having to close their barn doors for good, being that the land owner has decided to put the property up for sale.

Earlier this week, Journey with Equus announced on their social media that they had received a 60 day notice to be out of the current facility. The sudden news leaves the sanctuary with just a few options, and not very much time.

One possibility to avoid permanently closing, is that an angel investor(s) could purchase the facility and land it sits on, so that the sanctuary wouldn't need to relocate. The current property includes a large barn with 24 stalls, several open pastures and turnouts, and an indoor riding arena.

Another option, is for the sanctuary to find a completely new location by January 15.

According to Denver 7, there are no hard feelings between the two parties. The land owner does want the animals to be able to stay where they're at, and are even leaving a few of their own behind to join the herd.

Currently, more than 70 rescued horses, mules and donkeys reside at the sanctuary. Many of these animals that Journey with Equus takes in are either injured or at risk of being euthanized. The sanctuary gives them a safe home to heal and spend the rest of their lives at. Some of the animals on-site are also used as therapy treatment for veterans, at-risk youth, abuse survivors, and healthcare workers.

The founder of the non-profit, Candice Ensign, is open to any creative ideas that lead to the sanctuary staying open. Those who are interested in potentially helping Journey with Equus are asked to send an email to or call 303-517-5856. Donations can also be made directly through their website, and any money raised there will go towards the sanctuary's final solution.

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