If it's yellow, let it mellow? It may not look like something you want to drink, but the Town of Johnstown shared on Facebook that its water is 'safe to drink, meeting state drinking standards as required by the State of Colorado.'

If you live in Johnstown, you may have noticed your water looked a little... off, and you may be wondering why. According to the Town of Johnstown, the discoloration is because a water line from Lone Tree Reservoir was flushed, after not being used for a period of time.

'We flushed the Lone Tree Line before introducing the water into the plant,' The Town of Johnstown posted on Facebook. 'Some of the water that was in the Lone Tree line from the reservoir to the water plant entered into the treatment system and has caused the discoloration to occur, although it continues to meet the state limits for drinking water requirements.'

Some voiced concerns, referencing the Flint water crisis, however that was caused by lead pipes; Johnstown's pipes are Polyvinyl chloride (PVC – C900), not lead. So, drink up! Water in Johnstown is tested daily, and you can see a water quality report here.

The full post from the Town of Johnstown is below:

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