Joining Northern Colorado companies like Odell Brewing, DaVinci Sign Systems, and lots more, JAX Mercantile Company has announced as of the beginning of this year, that they are an employee-owned company via an employee stock ownership plan.

JAX has been family owned and operated for over 65 years. They currently have over 500 employees that will be rewarded with employee ownership. 65 years is impressive and giving back to employees is very cool.

There are nine JAX locations in Colorado, Wyoming, and Iowa primarily focusing on outdoor life and the farming industry.

Our family goes to a JAX store for so many things. My husband finds lots of needs to visit the military surplus department. I find the best gifts for all ages at JAX. Need a map? JAX. High-quality outdoors gear? JAX. I have bought super leather boots, dog gear, knives, and hot sauce all on the same trip. That JAX.


Marvin and Lola Quinlan started the first JAX Mercantile in 1955 in Ames, Iowa. The arrival of Colorado and Wyoming locations was the vision of their son, Jim Quinlan.

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