CooperSmith’s has been around for over 25 years at #5 Old Town Square in Fort Collins. It really hasn’t changed much, up until now, as they’ve closed for renovations. What are they going to be doing?

Dave Jensen, TSM

Scott Smith started CooperSmith’s in 1989, as Fort Collins was just starting to burgeon as a craft-beer mecca for the state and the nation. They do a great job: Great beers, great food, a great atmosphere. It’s probably one of the best know restaurants in town, as well: CooperSmith’s Pubside. CooperSmith’s Poolside is across the sidewalk, with great pool, food and beer.

It looks like, now that CooperSmith’s has new owners as of early 2014, they will be making some changes to Pubside. I was in Old Town the other night, headed for pizza at Poolside with my brother, when I saw them turning folks away at Pubside. Then, I saw that there’s a sign on the door:

Dave Jensen, TSM

They’re taking 10 days to renovate (though the website says ‘maintenance’). I wonder what changes the new owners will make. The new owners have worked at ‘Coops’ forever, though. I wouldn’t expect anything drastic. It could just come down to a new kitchen. Maybe they’ll put in some new seating- some of those ‘community tables’ that are becoming popular. Whatever the ‘reno’ may entail, it’s good to see them working at keeping CooperSmith’s an Old Town destination! Poolside remains open while Pubside goes through the renovations. Maybe, Poolside will be next?

They’ll be back in business on February 17- just in time for the Presidents’ Day 3-day weekend. Maybe I’ll see you there, to take in the ‘new’ digs!