One thing Colorado is well-known for far and wide is its unmatched natural beauty. However, there are some examples of mother nature's wonder that aren't widely known about. Some of these hidden gems are so far off of the beaten path that only the locals know that they exist.

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One of these natural wonders is along a backcountry road that connects the historic Colorado towns of Silverton and Ouray known as Red Mountain Pass. Keep scrolling to check out a secret hot spring that only Colorado locals know about.

Secret Colorado Hot Spring Along Red Mountain Pass

Red Mountain Pass offers a picturesque trip through some of the most beautiful scenery the state of Colorado has to offer. The pass is a popular drive for viewing the leaves changing colors in the fall, as well as mountains, streams, and even some old, abandoned buildings.

However, many who have taken this scenic drive are likely unaware that there is a hot spring located just a short hike away from the main road.

The hot spring has been modified in a few ways over the years, giving visitors an extra comfortable and relaxing experience. For example, a platform was built between the ground and the water which gives visitors access to an old bathtub. The bathtub is only large enough for one person to fit in it, but anyone who has taken a load off in it can attest that there are few things more relaxing.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual trip to this secret hot spring located just off of Colorado's Red Mountain Pass:

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