Summer days and ice-cold drinks go hand in hand, but if you’re out and about and also consuming alcohol, there are Colorado rules on where it can be done.

It may be refreshing to crack open a cold can while camping, paddle boarding, or kayaking, but in the state of Colorado, restrictions come with drinking alcohol in public.

Colorado's law allows individuals to consume alcoholic beverages with an ABV of 3.2 percent or less in city and state parks. Unfortunately, very few alcoholic drinks have such a low ABV.

Denver's parks permit beer, wine, and champagne on the premises, as long as they are not in glass bottles. However, only some wine spritzers and light beers qualify to be consumed in public spaces without a permit.

Walking with open containers of alcohol is usually illegal throughout Colorado. That being said, local governments may license and regulate common consumption areas called “entertainment districts.” Within an entertainment district, people can walk with open alcohol containers and not have to dump them when leaving a particular bar or tavern.

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Common consumption areas in Colorado became especially popular during the pandemic. The law allows the consumption of alcohol outside of a liquor-licensed premise. Examples of these spots are outdoor bar patios, but can also include any area on the vendor’s property. Certain areas of parks and other licensed areas sometimes allow common consumption.

Kelsey Nistel, TSM/Unsplash/Canva
Kelsey Nistel, TSM/Unsplash/Canva

Currently, Colorado has no “open alcohol consumption” areas where you may walk freely while drinking. Places like Las Vegas, Nevada, and New Orleans, Lousiana, are examples of “open alcohol consumption” areas.

Depending on where you are caught walking and drinking or with an open container in Colorado, police can ticket you and charge you a small fine.

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