I know what you are thinking.  Now stop that! The moon I’m talking about is in the sky not anyone’s blue jeans. It is a special FULL moon.

Tonight’s full moon is no ordinary moon…it’s a SUPERmoon. Never heard of a supermoon? Neither did I until today.

A “super”moon appears to be larger and brighter than a regular full moon because the moon’s orbit brings it closer to Earth. Tonight’s moon is 221,565 miles away from Earth which is the closest the moon has been to the Earth in over 18 years. Expect it to appear 14 percent larger than it usually appears and about 30 percent brighter at its peak.

If you happen to be outside tonight for this celestial phenomenon take lots of pictures and upload them to your Facebook page and tag us. The link to our Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/TRI1025.  We'd love to seem them. While you're there don't forget to "like" us. We like you.

And while you’re out there tonight be sure to watch out for werewolves.