They opened at the end of September of 2016 in the Drake Crossing Shopping Center at Drake and Taft Hill in Fort Collins- Intersect Brewing. It’s a definite destination for those who love not only music, but crafted beer as well!

I had only recently heard about Intersect Brewing and the person I heard it from did not even mention their theme- MUSIC!  Being in radio, I immediately felt right at home at Intersect. Music is everywhere: From the wall decorations to the names of their beers. I enjoyed a couple of their great ‘Cross-Eyed Strangers’ IPAs– ‘Cross-Eyed Strangers’ is a song by Wilco (OMG, do they LOVE Wilco). They say that the beer pairs well with Wilco, Black Keys and The Pixies. That’s their thing - ‘pairing beers and music.’ You can be sure none of the other 20 microbreweries in Fort Collins are doing that!

Music. Beer. Music. Beer. All of their beers have a name that’s in homage to music; they have a great speaker system; they even have a turntable behind the bar! I was bummed to hear that I had missed celebrating Bruce Springsteen’s birthday (Sept 23rd) there! Apparently, they played a bunch of Bruce on vinyl all day and then showed a Springsteen concert on their projection screen!  Need a little ‘you’ time? They have a little record player off in the lounge area where you can plug your headphones in and listen to something you brought! LPs and IPAs. I’m so bringing in some Billy Joel next time!

Intersect is BIG. Lots of room. Bring the whole gang and bring the kids- they get their own little play area! Dogs are welcome too, of course, and the patio is awesome! I think my favorite part of the brewery/tasting room is the lyrics on the walls by the restrooms.  I was there with my brother, and he must have thought I fell in, I was gone so long reading the songs!  Very cool!

I’m going to guess that when you check out Intersect, you’ll walk out knowing that you’ll be back- with friends or maybe a record and your headphones!

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