What will the folks at Whataburger do, now? In-N-Out has announced plans to build yet another location in Colorado. This one not as far south as the Springs.

In late 2017, In-N-Out Burger announced that they were indeed planing their first Colorado location. Folks in Fort Collins and around NoCo rejoiced! Then, we found out it was going to be in Colorado Springs. Boooo.

That location is still not open but now comes word that they're proposing a second Centennial State locale.  This one, almost 55 miles closer to us. Lone Tree. Just saying 'Lone Tree' makes me tired from being in the car. Oh well, it IS closer.

According to Denver 7, this In-N-Out Burger will be slinging double-doubles in the fall of 2020.

Get more on the story from Denver 7 HERE.

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