It's hard to imagine snow in Northern Colorado considering the leaves have barely started to change, but the forecast says by Thursday, brace yourselves... winter is coming.

Of course, it may not be much snow, but it still feels like summer just ended. Remember that sweltering Labor Day weekend just a month ago? Leave it to Colorado to be unpredictable. In 1961, it snowed over Labor Day weekend in the Denver Metro area.

Usually, any time before Halloween is considered 'early,' but in the last ten years, we've had snow in the first week of October a few times — most recently, just last year.

IMG_1690 (002)
Shelby/TSM Fall 2018

I actually don't remember it snowing this early last year, but, according to the National Weather Service, the Denver area had measurable snow by October 6, 2018; the year before, measurable snow fell on October 9.

From 2014 to 2016, we had later 'first snows,' but back to 2013, the first snow fell in the Denver area on October 18. In 2012; October 5.

Then, there was that infamous snow of October 25, 2011. I was a student at Colorado State at that time, and remember how heavy the tree branches got, because they weren't ready for the weight of snow yet. Branches began falling all over campus, and one from a large, old tree in the oval did fall and hit a female student. She had to go to the hospital, but fortunately, she was OK.

Only after that did class get canceled.

For the next 72 hours, enjoy the 70-something temps and sunshine, because as of right now, the Thursday high is 29 degrees, and unfortunately, that's not a typo.

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