It's been voted one of the 'Top 10 Live Shows' in America, and it's on its way to Greeley! Jay Owenhouse's 'Dare to Believe' illusion spectacular!

The show will be June 8, 2018, at Union Colony Civic Center!

Jay Owenhouse is a fantastic illusionist- you've probably seen him on 'Masters of Illusions' or 'Magic on the Edge' on television. Jay is bringing his 'Dare to Believe' show to Greeley for just one night- Friday, June 8, 2018.

I, as I suspect a lot of people, get a big kick out of illusions. From small illusions- like 'press this button for illusion' - and there IS no actual button- it's an illusion!- to the one where the illusionist escapes from a water-filled tank. 'Dare to Believe' will have THOSE kind of mind-blowing illusions!

This show was scheduled to be in March, but one of the Bengal tigers that Jay uses during the show shattered one of her femurs- you can read more about that HERE.

A night within a 'mysterious world of wonder and impossible.' I like the sound of that!  Plus, it's a family-friendly show- bring the kids! Maybe they'll catch the 'magic' bug and go on to be a world-famous illusionist like Jay, someday!

Tickets for 'Dare to Believe' start at $29.50 up to $69.50 with VIP packages available. Get more on tickets and about Jay from the Union Colony Civic Center, HERE!


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