Formerly a hotel in Downtown Loveland, The Lovelander is now an apartment building. And on April 27, 2020, firefighters were on the scene to try and save the historic building.

The Lovelander, located on 4th Street in Downtown Loveland, is widely known for providing inexpensive housing. I, myself, looked at it as a living option a few years ago.

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how there was a fire on the north side of the building after an evaporative (swamp) cooler caught fire at around 10 p.m. on April 27.

The Loveland Fire Rescue Authority arrived and quickly put out the small fire, following the lead of residents who had already started, battling the flames with fire extinguishers inside the building.

Though there were a few residents that were displaced (for only one or two days,) the damage could have been much worse. The Reporter-Herald reports that a sprinkler system was just installed in the building only four months ago at the mandate of Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, and it's a good thing they were, too—those sprinklers doused the fire before it could spread.

Lovelander North Side
Dave Jensen, TSM

The Loveland Fire Rescue Authority division chief and fire marshall stated in an email to the Reporter-Herald that without those sprinklers, he's certain that the 40-room apartment building would have perished, creating a huge 'loss of life' with its destruction.

Get more on the fire and the recent safety measures from The Reporter-Herald HERE.

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