If you know a student at the Colorado State University living in Summit or Braiden Halls, know they are in self-quarantine right now.

Students received an email on Thursday instructing them not to go to class on Friday and to remain in their dorms.

According to the Denver Channel, alarmingly high levels of COVID-19 were found in the dorms' wastewater.

As of September 24, there were 304 coronavirus cases on the CSU campus.

"I was working on some late homework and got the email that said, 'Hey, by the way, you can’t go to classes,'" Jacob Schmidley, a freshman living in Summit Hall, told Denver7.

Kids have been through a lot this year and no doubt the tension brought on by the politics surrounding COVID-19 only add to their stress.

This whole wastewater method is super weird, in my opinion, but I'd rather have a stressed kid than a kid with a long-term respiratory issue. Although, looking back, college was pretty challenging and all these changing rules and regulations must be really difficult on our youth.

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