Governor Polis gave an update on the COVID-19 vaccine status for Coloradans on Wendesday, and if you weren't able to catch his briefing, or just want the condensed version, here it is, courtesy of Kyle Clark's Twitter

Polis announced that Colorado residents 70 and older can get the vaccine this week.

Most Coloradans who have died from COVID-19 were over 70.

Here's more info about that UK strain that showed up here recently. Oh, and it is 'Coloradan,' not 'Coloradoan,' thank you.

Should we be panicking?! No, just keep being safe, like we already are.

Teachers are now up in priority.

But not kids.

Oh, and remember, the vaccine is FREE. Also, it's time to dig up that fake you used to buy beer in the 70s, McLovin.

Here's the vaccine schedule again, if you need it.

And lastly, be safe on New Year's... and go sledding?

That's all, folks.

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