The act of giving is made even more special this time of year. It is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, but it isn't always the case. There are circumstances that arise and push us off the path that others are taking. That's when the act of giving, whether it's a helping hand or financial support, is even more special. That act comes from the heart. That's what Helping Hands Holiday is all about.

Thanks to our good friends at AirServ, there is a family in Northern Colorado that will be receiving a brand new furnace. They are currently making ends meet by using space heaters and bundling up in their own house. Thanks to their friend, Melinda, we found out about them and their situation. There's more to it than just heat, this family has been through hell. Here's what Melinda told us:

"This poor family has had so much to deal with in their life that I would not wish it on anyone. The Janik family's second son has minor heart problems his short life and the Janik family lost their daughter who had major heart problems to another case a year and a half ago. With all of that going on, they have not been able to replace a furnace in their home and are using space heaters to heat the house for their three remaining children and themselves. If they could get a new furnace, I know that would be a BIG relieve to this family."

So, we made the call to Nikki Janik to share the good news that they will no longer have to worry about that furnace and a new one is on the way thanks to AirServ. When I made this call, I had no idea that this was happening on what would have been their daughter's seventh birthday....

Our sincere thanks to Melinda for letting us know about the Janik's. Also, a huge thank you to AirServ for providing this free furnace. Our continued thoughts and prayers to the Janik family this holiday season.

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