When it comes to jokes on Twitter, Collin Ingram just hit it out of the ballpark (just behind that girl who got the band Weezer to cover Toto's 'Africa'). The Rockies fan didn't like that there was no organist at the team's games at Coors Field, and felt he'd be up for the task. Buckle in.

It all started with the tweet below... and then the Colorado Rockies gave him a 'mile high' challenge.

@CollinIngram via Twitter

Ingram then realized he may have bitten off more than he could chew when he got retweeted by the MLB account. (Spoiler: He does not know how to play the organ.)

@CollinIngram via Twitter

While he was far from the Rockies' initial goal of 5,280,000, the team still wanted to recognize Ingram's effort and dedication, so they let him see the original Coors Field organ, which is preserved in historical archives.

One Twitter user pointed out that eventually, Ingram could hit the 5,280,000 retweets, to which the Rockies replied they'd be open to discussing.