My commute between home and the gym only takes a few minutes, but it can still get frustrating.  Specifically, I can't stand how Harmony Road shrinks from six lanes down to four right at that railroad crossing, west of Timberline Road.  That area is a madhouse, especially during rush hour.  So I'm relieved that road work this summer will finally fix this problem, but I'm not thrilled about Harmony being closed for the better part of a week!

The Coloradoan reports that workers will finally replace the railroad crossing arms this summer, to make them long enough for a six-lane road.  Then, the real fun begins.

Surface work at the crossing, including city crews patching the asphalt and restriping the road to a six-lane configuration, will require closure of all lanes. The work will be compressed as much as possible, with crews possibly working at night, (city engineering department rep Tim Kemp) said.

[via The Coloradoan.]

Preliminary work on the railroad crossing has already begun, which may cause temporary lane closures over the next week.  Then the project should go into full swing sometime in June.  Exact dates are not yet known.

Let's hope they can get their work done at night and keep lanes open during the day.  Otherwise, maybe I should plan on riding my bike to the gym.  It would probably save time!