It'd be great if we could just put on a costume so that COVID-19 couldn't find us, but it's just not that simple. So, the pandemic shuts down another local event.

Thousands of people normally attend the annual event, which was to be held in Downtown Greeley on October 30, 2020, but out of concern for safety, the organizers have pulled the plug on this particular glowing skeleton.

According to 9News, there's not a way to limit how many people are attending at a given time, nor a way to set up 'enter' and 'exit' points. Add into that, that with many other events being canceled, the DDA feared even more people than in previous years would be attending.

From Downtown Greeley's website:

We hope everyone can enjoy a safe, fun time trick-or-treating in neighborhoods with family and friends in small group sizes. We look forward to welcoming all of the trick-or-treating ghosts and goblins back next year

Source: 9News

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