It seems like it has been a recurring theme this holiday season, and unfortunately we have to share the news of another holiday grinch in Northern Colorado.

According to the Greeley Police Department Facebook page, they are looking for help from the public in identifying the suspect's in the video below. As you can see, they show total disregard for the community and stole a package off someone's doorstep in broad daylight.



What makes it even worse is that this wasn't the only house they stole from. Multiple houses had packages stolen, presumably by the same person that you see in the video. The Greeley Police Department states the case numbers that this person is suspected of being tied to are:




If you have any information that can help Greeley Police find the people who are responsible for putting a damper on someone's holiday season, please call PST. McCarthy at 970-350-9605.

These criminals have put a damper on the public's holiday season, so let's put them behind bars to put a damper on their 2017!

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