You've probably heard how some teens have been participating in 'The Tide Challenge' - Hence, you can see concern as to where the detergent was placed. 

The Greeley Tribune has the story on how the King Soopers on 35th Avenue in Greeley had to apologize for where they had placed a bunch of Tide pods products and other detergents: They'd put them in the candy, chips, and popcorn aisle.  A citizen, who is a parent, snapped a photo of the staging and posted the photo.

You've seen the commercials explaining how to keep the pods away from young children- because they DO look like tasty, tasty treats; so it does seem wrong to have the pods near the candy.

There was other concern about teenagers coming in from Greeley West High School and maybe, while shopping for some after-school snacks, would get the crazy idea to take part in the Tide Pod Challenge. Kids can be dumb..

The Greeley Tribune received an email from a King Soopers spokesperson admitting the team had picked the wrong place for the detergent display. They, of course, did move the detergents. Hopefully, to the detergents aisle.

Get more on the pods story from the Trib HERE.

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