This statistic is so startling and I hope anyone reading this will start to think about ways to get your kids outdoors more. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and spent no less than 2 hours outside everyday. No kidding! The adventures were outside. The dirt, the mystery, the unseen. I am the mom of 3 kids. Taking them outside is an instant relief. An instant change of mood.

Please take the survey from the Great Outdoors Colorado to help them change these stats. Our kids need more than 7 minutes outdoors per day.

From the Official Press Release:
As part of a recent Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) planning grant, the Cache la Poudre Inspire Coalition developed a survey to learn more from the community, especially young people, about outdoor play. Input will be used to develop a plan that engages youth in nature-based outdoor activities. The survey, provided in English and Spanish, is available at
“It’s sad to hear statistics like ones that say young people today only spend seven minutes a day in nature-based play,” noted Karen Scopel, City of Greeley natural areas coordinator. “I remember vividly all the fun I had playing in nature as a kid. I think that’s what inspired me to pursue a career in natural resources.”
Once the plan is completed, Greeley will be eligible to apply for up to $5 million in additional GOCO grant funds to implement the plan.
Residents of all ages, especially youth under age 25, are encouraged to take the survey at

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