Just days after Denver's 30-year Pit Bull ban was (kind of) lifted — and then quickly reinstated by the mayor — Colorado's governor tweeted a photo of himself holding a Pit pup.

Get ready for a cringey tweet thread between Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. Here's a timeline of events for you:

Monday, February 10: 'Animal activists cheered as the Denver City Council voted (7-4) in favor of repealing Denver's 30-year-old ban on the breed, in favor of enacting a licensing system instead.'

Friday, February 14: Mayor Hancock uses his first veto in nearly a decade to stop the ban from being lifted.

Sunday, February 16: Governor Polis shares a photo on Twitter while cozied up with a rescue Pit Bull (on the couch in the Governor's Mansion, at that). Mayor Hancock replies, 'Wow!!.' Governor Polis also replies, appropriately, with a Scooby Doo GIF.

Ruh roh, indeed. 

According to Fox News, Governor Polis' family friend 'had just received the pit bull as a puppy and brought it to the governor's mansion to play with his children, who also love puppies, and the photo was not intended to step on the mayor's decision.'

'Even if he might not agree with every local government decision, the mayor and City Council did what they believe are the best thing for Denver,' the governor's office explained. Read more from Fox News here.

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